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        Are you thinking about starting your own business? You probably have a great idea and you are sure you can reproduce it. Maybe you already have committed sales. The only thing you want to know now is how to turn this idea into a working business in the most cost effective way. In order to do this you are going to need to know about things like :

                            1. What type of  legal entity would best fit your situation?
                            2. How to register your business with tax authorities.
                            3. What kind of accounting system will best fit your needs?
                            4. Setting up your payroll.
                            5. Selecting a year-end.
                            6. Once your year ends you'll need to think about income taxes.
                            7. Planning and forecasting can eliminate problems before they start.
                            8. What about credit and financing?
                            9. What will your requirements be for insurance?
                          10. Who will you turn to when you need support and answers?

            Too many questions and not enough answers? Well, we have the tools to start you off in the right direction and we are giving them away free. We have put together a Business Start up Kit that covers the 10 topics above and also includes various forms and instructions to help you in your journey from employee to owner. All you need to do is stop by and pick one up. Our hours are from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday and we are conveniently located on the corner of Bridge St. and Sharon Ave. Our success depends on your success. Stop by and pick one up. Call and we will mail you a Business Start Up Kit, or E-mail us.  This kit is best used by Michigan residents, first and United States Residents second.  It is not designed for people starting businesses in other parts of the World.


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